Changing Career


Under my current motto ‘It will cost you nothing to dream and everything not to’  I applied for a new job. And after one week, I got ‘the call’. I never thought I’d be working for a fashion webshop, only one month after I decided to quit school!


So I got the opportunity to work for Lila Grace. For those of you who follow me on social media, you might recognize the name. Because I’ve been posting a lot of pictures lately from when I modelled for their webshop.


I’m absolutely in love with their collection and I couldn’t wish for a better team to work with then the two sweetest ladies behind Lila Grace. So what is my job description?


After opening two stores, Lila Grace recently also launched their webshop, so they needed some help with the marketing and social media. I prep the newsletters, make instagram photos/videos and try to come with new and innovative ideas to advertise the webshop. If your curious for my work, then be sure to subscribe to their newsletter! And follow them on Instagram and Facebook!

XxX Sinaii

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