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Although I’ve only been following Dutch vloggers on YouTube, vlogging is definitely  a term that is being accepted in Belgium more lately. So here’s a little list of my favorite vloggers!

Ever since I knew Youtube I’ve been following some people die-hard, like Michelle Phan and Chriselle Lim, which are now the originals of YouTube. But lately I’ve also started following youtubers who mainly post vlogs. So warm up a hot bath, take a tea or some wine with you and check out these amazing vloggers!


When I was thinkin about starting my own blog, she just launched her book On Top (your manual for online succes). Not knowing anything about blogging, online influencers and social media, I just bought the book. This wonder woman literally changed my life forever! If it wasn’t for her book, I probably didn’t start my blog. When I’m out of courage or inspiration I re-read her book. It gives you that extra boost to start doing what you love. So after reading this book I had to check out her Youtube-Channel, which just launched. There were only 4 videos online. And ever since, I’m counting down the days to her new weekvlog! She gives you an amazing insight in the world of fashion…

Anna’s Channel




After the whole ‘K3 zoekt K3′ hype, I loved watching the life after K3 series. To see how life as a singer/songwriter is. While watching the series on Youtube, I stumbled upon this chick her Youtube-channel. She didn’t win the ‘K3 zoekt K3′ competition, but she’s going her own way and is working so hard on her dreams! She’s defenetily a vlogger that shows everything, every behind the scenes of the music industry.

Lisa’s Channel



The sparkly, gorgeous blonde that’s always on Anna Nooshin’s side. She’s literally the counterpart of Anna, but they match perfectly and I love both their videos! Her bubbly personality  makes every video fun.

Yara’s Channel




If you don’t know this supermodel already, you should immediately look her up. The 1m80 victoria’s secret model who has graced numerous covers of magazines has now her own Youtube-Channel with fun vlogs during shootings, travels and some cooking recipes. Karlie Kloss is a natural in front of the camera and you will notice that in her vlogs. She will always be herself and that’s what I love the most about this bombshell. For those who’d like a more backstage look in the modeling world, she’s your girl…

Karlie’s Channel




I’ve been fangirling on her Instagram ever since I started blogging! And she recently started vlogging as well! You notice she’s not as experienced with vlogging as the others that I summed up. But I adore her style and videos already!

Anne-Roos’ Channel


Hope you liked these vloggers and if you have some recommendations for me, be sure to leave a comment!

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